The Grandeur & Wrath of Nature


Technological developments and the progress made in all aspects of science and technology, be it construction, infrastructure, transportation, logistics or methods of climate prediction and disaster management, have certainly made life much smoother and easier. Yet at times, nature does make us realize that life is not so certain neither we are that much in control, as we believe we are.

Uttrakhand Floods

Uttrakhand Floods

The recent damage done in North India especially in the states of Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh is a glaring example of how disastrous nature can be, when it comes to its full fury, leaving behind man made plans or precautions because the grandeur of nature in its full force is something which cannot be equalled by any level of human preparations

The above words are not to demean any advancements of science or to say that human brain is not of much use, but only to give a relative comparison of the scale of the universe and the scale of the earth. After all nature owns and controls the entire universe while human beings are a part of a tiny planet called Earth, which is an insignificant bit of the universe.

The scenario in Uttrakhand and HP is not new and such incidents happen very frequently even in the most developed countries and the only difference between them and us (India) is the ability to get back to normal and provide proper care, shelter and all the required help to the affected citizens.

Even countries like US are literally helpless against the sea storms, tornadoes hurricanes and tsunamis that strike at will, but at least the people over there have the assurance that life will not stand still after such a disaster and they will have the backing of their government in such cases. Of course the personal loss one suffers in such incidents can never be compensated in cash or kind, still for those who survive, it is a great consolation and moral support if help is at hand.

We that are fortunate in not having to undergo such trauma and the pain and struggle of going through all this at least can help our brethren directly or indirectly by doing our own two cents of contribution in this great cause. There are many ways in which one can help in such situations and depending on your nature and beliefs, some of the ways might seem totally irrelevant but they do work.

Material help

This is obviously the easiest way to help out people in such condition by providing anything material to them like say money, food, cloths and so forth. Of course you need to make sure that whatever channel is used for delivery of such help should be genuine as many people dont even hesitate to take advantage of such a situation and your money or things could end up in wrong hands.


This is something which not everyone can do or is willing to do. This means going to the region, spending a few days and helping out in whatever way you can, depending on your abilities, capabilities and capacity. For example let us say if you are a doctor, you could spend a week in such a region, helping people with free medical treatment etc.

Peace Donation

This might seem something worthless, especially to those uninitiated in the realms of metaphysical knowledge. Yet for those who know its value, it is no less than material or volunteer help. Basically it involves deeply meditating for those in need of helping and sending the positive vibrations of love, peace and healing and the effects of such an act done with sincerity is no less by any means. Rather if seen at the subtle cosmic level of the universal energy prevading all life force, this is the best solution, but of course as long as the doer is genuine and is not using this as an excuse to be lazy and helping by other external means

It is very easy to read such news and mere information in newspapers or channels and internet, but it is an entirely different experience to be there admist all the tribulations. Still thanks to the technology and communications, at least such events are brought in public view and knowledge and this helps to inspire several people to help those in need.

Just remember, the Law of Karma is purely that of give and take, if you actually help someone in such a situation, in some other circumstances of your life, when you are helpless and need some help from somewhere, you will certainly see some Divine intervention in some form and nature would repay you exactly as you did to others when required. Do remember, Nature could seem to be cruel and merciless at times, still our Saints and Sages do not call it Mother Nature without a reason.

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