Benefits of qualifying UGC NET

UGC NET is an important exam. In this article we will be discussing the advantages to clearing the UGC NET and what benefits you can get once you clear the exam. We have already discussed what the UGC NET is all about and how a candidate can prepare for it. In this article we are going to discuss the various advantages of qualifying for the UGC NET. The exam is designed in such a way that it checks the ability of a candidate to teach and do research. There is no age limit for NET but currently the age limit for JRF is 30 years.

We will list some of the advantages of successfully qualifying for UGC NET:

  1. If you qualify for the post of JRF (junior research fellowship) then you will get 25000 as stipend, if the fellowship is upgraded the stipen will increase to 28000 per month is three subsequent years.
  2. Once you have qualified for the post of an assistant professor you can apply for jobs all over the country (only NET is sufficient for it even without JRF)
  3. As we have mentioned in the previous article some of the PSUs have also started to hire candidates who clear UGC NET. This helps the candidates to get a better scope and increase the number of candidates taking up these tests.
  4. If you are serious about making a career in teaching you must sit for these exams. If you clear these you will be eligible to apply for teaching roles in different colleges and universities across the country.
  5. You can start work as an analyst in various companies as managers and consultants.
  6. You can also become an author or editor for various books and adding this certification will increase your authenticity
  7.  You can also work for NGOs
  8. As per the subject that you have cleared you can choose various career options

There are many PSUs who recruite the candidates you have cleared the UGC NET and they are:

  1. Indian Oil Corporation.
  2. Bharat heavy electricals limited.
  3. National thermal power corporation limited.
  4. Power Grid Corporation of India limited.
  5. Naval materials research laboratory Ambernath.
  6. Oil and natural gas Corporation of India.
  7. Bharat electronics limited.
  8. Hindustan petroleum corporation limited.
  9. Oil India limited.

The list is a long one almost all the PSUs in the country hire candidates who have cleared UGC NET.

  1. You do not have to be an PhD to teach in a college you can do so by just qualifying for the UGC NET exam (Note: this rule keeps changing so check out for current status)
  2. You can become a junior scientist or researcher.
  3. You can persue PhD.
  4. You can become an entrepreneur and start something of your own.

Once you have cleared the UGC NET look for the best universities. There is a list of institutes that coordinate with NET. In the college look for a senior faculty who can guide you on how you can build your career. You must choose the projects well; it should be such that it can help you achieve the long term goals. Research must be done in those fields that can get you funds from good sources. Try to look for at least two sources for funding the research. Try to look for famous organizations that can help you with the research. You can also start your own lab and hire people to work for you. You can increase your knowledge on the subject by training some more people.

What is expected from a person who has joined a university or college after completing UGC NET is as follows:

  1. You should be able to teach proficiently
  2. You should be able to educate professional students
  3. You should be in a position to train post-doctoral fellows
  4. You will have to attend problem solving sessions for the students and guide them

If you want to take up teaching in colleges and you are serious about it then this is the best way of going for it. UGC NET is recognised all across the country and can be completely relied. We highly recommend the readers to take up this exam and check if they are actually eligible to teach in colleges and universities. Today the scope of UGC NET qualified candidates is not at all restricted only to teaching. These candidates can take up various other roles all across the country in various fields of interest.

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