God Particle – Is The Search For The Unknown Finally Over?


“God particle” as we have known it for years. What exactly is god particle and how did this concept evolved. Well the story is as interesting as the subject itself. As we all have studied in school matter is anything that can occupy space and has a mass. Mass is also very commonly referred as weight. Which is not totally wrong weight is a gravitational pull that is working on a body it can change with environment. The weight of anything might change as soon as it is moved from one place to other.

For example your weight would be different on earth and moon as these have a gravitational pull that is very different. However, if you look at mass it never changes no matter where you are. It is intrinsic to the body and will never change. A lot of particles were proposed and also accepted. However, the particle that makes mass was never known. This is what has bewildered scientists for years. How mass is present in the matter and why it never changes. This particle that we did not know much about was known as the god’s particle among all.

God Particle

God Particle

As we all know that universe started with big bang. Soon after the big bang there were millions of particles that were moving around in the space and they did not have mass to hold them together. They were believed to have got mass by interacting with the Higgs field. Then they got together and formed the universe. This was a theory that was first presented in 1964 by a group of scientists. Briton Peter Higgs was one of the scientists and it is after him that this theory started.

Today after years of research and experimentation, we can finally say that we have discovered the god’s particle. The day 4th July, the year 2012 a group of scientists in CERN research centre near Geneva Switzerland have claimed that they have finally discovered the god’s particle. It did take the world by storm. The experiment was done with Large Hadron Collider it is a gigantic instrument that was used for this purpose. It was placed about one hundred meters underground.

It can be described as an accelerator that the scientists used to discover the missing block of the universe. It was designed to create a situation just like the big bang. After they created the big bang inside this tunnel the scientists from across the world studied the particles generated and tried to understand each and every particle and its characteristics.

After a thorough analysis of these particles the scientists have finally found the missing building block that forms the most essential part of the universe and provides mass to the bodies. This is considered to be one of the most important turning points in physics and science in the recent times.

CERN has recognised that many bodies and research institutes from across the world has played a very vital role in these experiments. Some of these organisations are Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) from India. The discovery is gigantic in the world of physics. It is definitely going to help us to understand how universe started and became what it is today. The experiments went on for months before the result could come. Scientists all across the world celebrate this historic moment. A big press conference was held. Dignitaries from all over the world and politicians attended this conference and the announcement was made that the god particle is finally found.

So we can finally say that we have at last found out how the universe started fourteen billion years ago. The final building block of the universe is found. It will help us to unravel many mysteries indeed. It might also give rise to many more mysteries. Let’s just wait and watch.

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