Team AS + Associates

Our colleagues and team members can be divided into three main groups

People who are employed full time in our office

Freelancers: People who work for us from their respective homes along with other clients

Experts and professionals who are full time employed in their own respective organizations and just provide us with their guidance and help as required

Given below is a random mix of some of our colleagues from all three categoriesClick on any picture to see a brief bio of each member. Some members also have a link below their profile to show detailed CV

  • . Dogra Rakesh

    . Dogra Rakesh

  • . Late Meetu Nayyar

    . Late Meetu Nayyar

  • Brij Kanti Pal

    Brij Kanti Pal

  • Diaz Shantini

    Diaz Shantini

  • Dr Divya Mittal

    Dr Divya Mittal

  • Dr Ritu Modi

    Dr Ritu Modi

  • Dr. L.K. Mudashiru

    Dr. L.K. Mudashiru

  • Jassi Rai

    Jassi Rai

  • Kavita Desai Bisht

    Kavita Desai Bisht

  • Megha Goyal

    Megha Goyal

  • Ravneet Bathla

    Ravneet Bathla

  • Saggu Harpreet

    Saggu Harpreet

  • Satish Wason

    Satish Wason

  • Saxena Mohit

    Saxena Mohit

  • Srividya Sivakumar

    Srividya Sivakumar

  • Sudipta Dutta Ray

    Sudipta Dutta Ray

  • Suparna Sil

    Suparna Sil

  • Vashisht Nitesh

    Vashisht Nitesh

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