Latika Chakravorty: An Inspiring Story

Never Too Late

It’s never too late to start something new….we have heard this a lot of times but today we are going to share with our readers a story that is so unique and inspiring that you can never find one similar to it. At the age of 89 can you expect someone to start a business? It is something that is not heard of. Mostly an 89 year old would want to spend life in peace; however the story of Latika is absolutely different. She was born in Assam. Spent most of her initial years there and completed studies.


She was later married to Krishna Lal Chakravorty. Latika’s husband was an officer in survey of India as a result she had to travel to different parts of the country. They explored a lot of new places together. Husband was busy so Latika had to find something that would keep her occupied and busy. Latika realized that she had a passion for sewing. She would sew to relax and it was her stress buster. Sewing helped her to also understand the different textures of clothes from the different parts of the country. Latika would stich clothes for her kid. When the child was big she started to make dolls.

Optimism & Opportunity Spotting In Tradegy

Latika’ husband passed away a few years back. That is when Latika decided to move in with her son. Her son is a commissioned captain in Indian Navy. The job is such that he spends most of his time travelling. Latika was alone in the house so to pass her time she again got back to sewing. She now had more time to spend with her passion and hobby as she had nothing else to do. Latika slowly started to use old saris and fabrics that she had with her for years to make potli bags. As she had been to different parts of the country she had collected a lot of fabrics of different shapes, sizes and textures. Each piece of cloth had a story and a history. She had so many of these and most of it was never used. She decided to use these and make something that would change her world forever. Latika perhaps had no idea that one day her unique potli bags would become so popular. Latika used old clothes and made these bags that go so well with ethnic wear. Latika would make these bags and gift it to family and friends. Everyone would appreciate these amazing bags. Latika claims that till date she has made 300 bags.

One day Latika’s grandson Joy noticed that there are so many bags in the house. He decided that he should make a website for these bags and promote them. Joy lives in Germany and he decided the brand name would be Latika’s bags. The bags were posted on the site and there was no looking back. The bags are unique and they showcase a creativity of a different level all together. The bags are priced between 500 to 1500 INR. The price is very reasonable compared to the effort that is put in and the final result. It made Latika a celebrity and gave her the much deserved recognition.

Discipline Is The Key

Latika claims that she has lived a much disciplined life. She always ensures that she does everything on time. Early to bed and early to rise is her motto in life. She ensures that she is physically fit and takes care of her health. She does not feel this tiresome because this is her passion and she loves to create these bags. What Latika uses is her 64 years old sewing machine that is still intact. Latika’s bags have become so popular that she gets regular orders from around the world. The 89 year old granny is sometimes really worried if she will be able to fulfil so many requirements.

The Young Old Champ

At the age of 89 she is an entrepreneur and more than that she is an example that we all would like to get inspired from. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary things if we use it to learn something we can actually make a huge difference not only in our lives but also in the lives of the others. With age we feel the ability of a person to think and work hard reduces but Latika Chakravorty has proved us all wrong. Her bags are perfect and impossible to believe that an 89 year old can actually stich them from scratch. We hope that Latika’s bags become even more popular with time and they inspire more and more women from all over the world. Age is nothing but just a number. If you put all your heart into something no goal is impossible.

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