Canvas Painting with Sudipta Ray

These days when not only the entire country of India but literally the whole world is in a shutdown mode, kids who were born free are also in chains of restriction. Many parents are finding it difficult to cope up with the situation and mostly kids spend time watching television or playing video games instead of making some fruitful use of this free time.

Although schools have started online classes, still there is plenty time to focus on things which might not otherwise be possible as the modern day kids usually have a very busy and tight schedule starting from school, tuition and so on. What best could be done in such a situation?

Enter Sudipta: The Lady with the Lamp

Thankfully there is no dearth of ideas as there are lots of creative people around and one such lady is Sudipta who has come up with a novel idea (although the world novel is mostly used in a negative sense these days thanks to the nomenclature of the infamous virus whosoever named it so inaptly – just pun) where she has started classes for canvas painting

Actually it is not only canvas painting but an entire array of activities which can help your kids to become interactive, bring out their hidden creativity and learn something new and useful during these forced vacations which would also be useful in the later stages of their schooling and life.

Given below are the images of some of the samples, of course these are just a part of the entire picture and there is a big collection of such images. She might also start such classes online if there is ample response and sufficient number of enrollments so that in case you are not able to send your ward to her house, they can also learn sitting at their own homes.

Surely you must be mesmerized on seeing this pieces of beauty they have been made by the students of Sudipta. In order to gain more information on how to make your kids join her lessons and timings/fee etc make sure to contact her through her Facebook page as follows.
Link to Sudipta’s FB Page
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